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The Saudi National Company of Aviation has established a new flight academy in its aviation center at King Fahad International Airport. The new flight academy is a CAE Oxford Authorized Training Center. Drawing upon over 75 years of pilot training expertise, CAE Oxford Authorized Training Center pilot training programs provide focused ab initio training to aspiring pilots across Saudi Arabia and The Middle East. Our unique CPL program starts with a foundation year followed by a premier ground school courses with high quality flying instruction delivered in accordance with the Saudi Aviation Authority requirements.

Globally, Operating a fleet of over 165 aircraft, CAE Oxford Aviation Academy has the resources and expertise to train up to 2,000 cadet pilots per year.

The authorized training center in Dammam is funded by the Saudi National Company of Aviation and has the resources and expertise to train up to 400 cadet pilots annually.

Our CPL Program

Our reputation for high quality instruction, delivered in our purpose built modern training facilities, not to mention our unsurpassed commercial flight test pass rates, has made us the envy of the flight training industry.


CAE Oxford Authorized Training Center blog covers the aviation industry in the Middle East & the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



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