What is the program offered by the academy?

The academy offers the commercial pilot license program along with the license of using single-engine and twin-engine planes gauges.

What is a commercial pilot license?

It’s a license that enables its holder from working in aviation companies and fly large transportation aircrafts.

Is there a foundation year?

Yes, the license program has a preparatory foundation year that includes intensive English language, math, physics, and aviation definitions in English language.

Is the foundation year really important?

Yes, the foundation year is very important as it enables students to acquire all success factors and prepares them to pass the admission test of the aviation program specially designed for the academy. Moreover, students will be able to reach a top skill and a very advanced level in English that enables them to understand British instructors delivering courses of the aviation phase.

What are the conditions of passing the preparatory year?

To pass the preparatory year, the student should:
1- Get 550 degrees for more in TOEFL test or 6.5 in IELTS
2- Pass the academy’s admission test submitted to him after getting the required degrees in English

Does the program end with employment?

The need for professional pilots in the Middle East is crucial that’s why job opportunities are highly available. Boeing reports issued in 2017 mentioned that the Middle East needs around 63,000 pilots over the coming 15 years. KSA share of new pilots is 300 per year. Hence, we must refer to the General Authority of Civil Aviation decree of saudizing 100% of the co-pilot profession in local airlines over the three coming years.
The long-standing experience of OxfordSaudia in aviation training extends for more than 80 years. Experience of trainers and specialists in the academy along with training new simulators similar to those found in the large transport aircrafts made OxfordSaudia graduates the first option for the world’s largest airlines. 90% of the academy’s graduates find jobs directly after completing their certificates, which is an unparalleled rate not found in any other academy around the world.

What is the difference between OxfordSaudia and any other academies?

Training in OxfordSaudia is unique and special delivered by professional specialists who have a long experience in aviation industry. All trainings are provided in a very professional manner using the world’s newest and most expensive simulators and trainer aircrafts.

Is it necessary to master the English language in order to join the program?

It’s not necessary for students to master the English language to join the preparatory year. However, it’s necessary to get the required degree in the language to pass the year.

Is the certificate internationally accredited?

Yes, training in the academy is internationally accredited. The student receives a commercial aviation license issued from the General Authority of Civil Aviation.

Why are your fees higher than other academies?

Training in OxfordSaudia is delivered by professional specialists with long experience in this industry. Moreover, training takes place on the newest simulation devices simulating the cockpits of large aircrafts, which facilitates the student's career path after graduation.
Practical training in the academy takes place on the world’s newest, safest, and most expensive trainer aircraft. All these training advantages and experiences in addition to professionalism can’t be offered for a low price. Other academies featuring low admission costs use old trainer aircrafts and inexperienced training staff.

Application process

Application is available for applicants aged over 17 years old and holding a Secondary School Certificate at least. Registration is available in this link:

Is it necessary to obtain any certificate other than secondary for registration?

No, it’s not necessary to obtain any other certificate. Registration is open for all including secondary certificate holders, bachelor holders, and PHD holders.

Is registration restricted to Saudi nationals?

Registration isn’t restricted to Saudis as it’s available for all other nationalities of both genders.

What is the following step after registration?

After registration, the application is sent to the specialized team. The result of the application will appear in only two working days either initial acceptance or rejection. In case of acceptance, the applicant will be informed to complete the registration procedures and managing needed documents.

What are the needed documents after initial acceptance?

The applicant must bring the following after being informed of initial acceptance

Original copy of the Secondary Certificate
Original copy of the admission test result
Original copy of the eligibility test
Copy of the ID, residency, or passport
A good conduct certificate if the secondary certificate doesn’t include behaviour and attendance degrees
Two 6x4 images
Bring a document of the acceptance and registration fees

Why do I have to pay acceptance and registration fees?

Applications are studied by a specialized team. The submitted applications are subjected to certain procedures that requires consuming time and effort on each submission alone. Moreover, the student is scheduled for a personal interview with a professional aviation committee.

Do I get the final acceptance immediately after paying acceptance and registration fees?

The applicant doesn’t receive the final acceptance directly after paying the acceptance and registration fees as these payments are related to the administration phase only and totally separated from tuition fees and any decision regarding accepting or rejecting the applicant.

When does the applicant receive the final acceptance?

The applicant receives the final directly after finishing all previous steps and after passing the personal interview. After receiving the final acceptance, the applicant is scheduled for medical examination with a doctor certified by the General Authority of Civil Aviation.

Are there any rewards for the students?

No, there aren’t any rewards for students as studying at OxfordSaudia is paid and facilitated through several convenient methods.

Is studying paid?

Yes, studying at OxfordSaudia is paid. For more information about payment methods please check this page.